Jamie Boynton

Known for his attention to detail and fine application of tools and technology, Jamie is one of a new generation of bicultural artists. Jamie studied in Wellington, New Zealand, at the School of Visual Communications and Design (BDes 1996) - Jamie has received many awards for his work, from an art and design career that spans nearly thirty years.



Jamie draws upon his indigenous knowledge as a foundation for creativity and innovation.


His artistic desire is to reignite the wisdom of our ancestors in a way that inspires future generations, "visioning for a better world".


Whilst supporting a strong social, and environmental conscience, Jamie draws metaphors from Maori culture and utilises his skills in fine art and graphic design to weave them into a broader cultural context.


This Waka Rere (Flying Canoe) is made from laminated plywood and perspex, and it is inlaid with a naturally produced glowing compound (strontium).


 Jamie is currently living with his whanau (family) in his ancestral homelands of Mataatua, in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, Aotearoa (New Zealand). He enjoys providing Creative Direction and Design for a variety of organisations, working as an arts educator, and producing 'iconic' Contemporary New Zealand Art.